Konohamaru Sarutobi Character Profile

Konohamaru Sarutobi

Konohamaru Sarutobi was a member of the Sarutobi clan of the Hidden Leaf Village. His importance can be signified from the fact that he was named after the village by the Third Hokage himself, who was also his grandfather. 

Earlier on in the series, Konohamaru took joy in disturbing the peace of the village by putting up numerous careless acts for comedic values. Being the grandson of Hiruzen Sarutobi, Konohamaru took pride in having such status and did not abide by the rules and was generally chaotic without facing any harsh consequences. 

That was until he came across the protagonist of the series, Naruto Uzumaki. Having not been treated like royalty by Naruto, which was unlike the rest of the village, Konohamaru instantly developed a high regard for Naruto and announced him as “rival” and “boss.” These two ended up sharing a strong bond leading to Konohamaru to pick up several ideologies from Naruto, which helped him mature as a person as well as provide clarity to his immature self. 

This incident laid the foundation for Konohamaru’s necessary development which led to an improved relationship with those around him despite his past shenanigans; Making it easier for his Sensei, Ebisu as well as his teammates: Moegi and Udon to deal with him as he was quite a troublesome kid in the past. 

Years of training helped Konohamaru become a highly respected Jonin within the Leaf Village as well as outside of it, who later goes on to lead his own Team 7, which included the three prodigies: Boruto, Mitsuki and Sarada. They looked up to him as a leader, as he got them out of rough occasions multiple times.  

After all, Konohamaru’s dedication and hard work flourished him from a rash and a reckless kid to a highly skilled and mature shinobi, which is evident in the sequel series “Boruto: Naruto’s Next-Generation.”

Notable Skills

Konohamaru was always regarded as a weak and a lousy shinobi during the early stages of his life, but the gradual progression of his character ended up making him a force to be reckoned with as he was someone who could be relied on during tough times. His talent in three nature types: Fire, lightning, and wind along with yang release were praiseworthy, to say the least. 

He ended up inheriting some of the deadliest jutsus, which were well known to his predecessors such as “Fire style: Ash Pile Burning,” which was one of the trademark jutsu of his uncle, Asuma. He was also able to use his clan’s famous Jutsu “Fire style: Great Flame Technique” as well as being fluent in Hiruzen’s jutsu “Fire style: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet.” All these jutsus were able to add to the variety of Konohamaru’s move set. 

Interestingly, Konohamaru is one of the select few who could flawlessly perform the jutsu of the 4th Hokage: Rasengan, to which he’d later add on wind release, a feat which was only achieved by him and Naruto which goes on to show how extraordinary Konohamaru is. 

Being the grandson of Hiruzen, it should come as no surprise that he could perform the “Shadow Clone jutsu” as well as the “Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique,” which requires an ample amount of chakra along with incredible skill. 

Lastly, having Naruto as someone to look up to, Konohamaru went on to sign a summoning pact with the toads of Mount Myōboku, allowing him to summon toads. He, however, also being from the Sarutobi clan, could summon Enra, who was able to transform into a staff. 


Konohamaru, being a well-rounded shinobi who may not look as powerful at first glance, is one of the strongest shinobis of the Hidden Leaf at present. His formidable skill and talent as a shinobi are insanely close to that of the Kages. 

Elegant and fluid in both Taijutsu and Ninjutsu, Konohamaru’s weakness arises in Genjutsu as it has never been his strong suit. However, he does not feel the need to have mastery in that aspect as his Ninjutsu and Taijutsu have exponentially grown to carter the required strategies that he needs to outsmart and outmuscle his opponents. 

Having a robust summon along with wits and strength, Konohamaru serves as a complete package who can assess the situation and fight according to it to fully maximize his chances of success. Therefore, most of the shinobis would not be able to take him down unless the opponent is clever, strong, and experienced. 

The question is “Who is that Ninja?”, You guessed it right! It is none other than the copy ninja of the leaf, Kakashi Hatake. He is an ideal matchup for a shinobi like Konohamaru as both possess a remarkable amount of skill, power, and cleverness. Kakashi’s experience could make this fight harder for Konohamaru, but he is mentally strong enough to overcome that barrier. It will be an intriguing battle between two all-rounded shinobis as the two would try to outsmart the other to gain the upper hand. 

Team Composition

Skilled in the art of Ninjutsu and Taijutsu as well as close to mid-ranged combat, Konohamaru is an ideal option for most of the teams. Previously, He was part of Team Ebisu as a young shinobi and went on to become a Sensei of Team 7.

Similar to his grandfather, Konohamaru excels at being a leader as he can command well. His potency in Ninjutsu and Taijutsu also makes him a strong foundation of the team as he is not only powerful but also very intellectual. 

Although he is a great choice for any team, he lacks a visual prowess so a shinobi possessing a Byakugan such as Hinata would compliment him well through keeping track of the enemies at all times

Conclusively, a weak genjutsu user like Konohamaru would greatly benefit from someone like Kurenai on his team as it would balance out the team, ensuring that all three of those together would work to ravage the unfortunate opponents. 

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